Griffin Hospital Residency Program Applications

Applications are accepted through ERAS only (except Advanced Preventive Medicine Program). In applying through ERAS applicants interested in the categorical internal medicine or those interested in the Combined Internal Medicine/Preventive Medicine Residency training are to enter their application as an Internal Medicine application. If interested in the Combined Program, select the combined track.

Open Positions for Academic Year 2021-22

  • Combined Internal Medicine/Preventive Medicine General Residency Program (4 years) 3 Positions
  • Internal Medicine Residency Program Categorical (3 years) 6 Positions
  • Internal Medicine Primary Care (3 years) 2 Positions
  • Internal Medicine Residency Preliminary Year (1 Year) 5 Positions
  • Preventive Medicine Residency Program Categorical (3 years) 1 Position
  • Preventive Medicine Residency Program Advanced (2 years) 1 Position
We carefully consider the entire application of each candidate to determine those who will be invited for an interview. This includes the applicant’s letters of recommendation, medical school performance, extracurricular/volunteer experiences, scholarly activities, commitment to the specialty, and USMLE scores. Applicants must Pass USMLE step 1 (first attempt) and we prefer to see score of 230 or higher on Step 2 (first attempt).  We prefer recent medical graduates (typically within the last 5 years). However, we have had residents in our program who began residency more than 5 years after graduating from medical school. For International Medical Graduates, US clinical experience is preferred.

Visa Sponsorship

We accept International Medical Graduates (IMG) and sponsor J1 training visas only. 

Contact Information

For further information you may contact Monica Sanchez, Residency Program Administrator via e-mail at msanchez@griffinhealth.org