male and female medical residents in hospital setting

Preventive Medicine Residency Program Mission Statement

Developed by Residency Advisory Committee for PMR

A sub-committee of Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC)

The mission of the Griffin Hospital Preventive Medicine Residency program (PMR) is to provide an organized educational training program in general preventive medicine and public health science; to train public health workforce and health professionals with skills and competencies required to engage in public health practice; and to train highly skilled physicians knowledgeable about all aspects of preventative medical practice both on an individual and population level.

The goals of the Griffin Hospital Preventive Medicine Residency Program are to develop in physicians the competencies requisite to the practice of preventive medicine and public health.

The main components of the residency educational process are:

  • Definition of specific educational goals in terms of competencies, skills, and knowledge, expressed in behavioral, measurable terms;
  • Assessment of the incoming resident relative to the specific educational goals;
  • Design and provision of educational experiences through which specific educational goals may be achieved;
  • Documentation of provision of educational experiences and the attainment of educational goals in terms of interim and overall outcome performance measures; and
  • Use of periodic performance measures to determine the quality of the educational experience and the clinical competence of the individual resident, as well as the quality of the program.

The program shall facilitate the personal and professional development of trainees while ensuring the safe and appropriate care of patients. The Residency Advisory Committee and the GMEC will have the responsibility of monitoring and supervising all aspects of graduate medical education as required by the ACGME. The program will offer adequate opportunities to gain experience in preventive medicine and public health. The program will provide adequate leadership, mentorship, and educational events in order to achieve above stated goals. The RAC and GME committees shall assist in establishing institutional policies for graduate medical education, including maintaining appropriate liaisons with residency directors, and administrative staff of other institutions participating in programs sponsored by Griffin Hospital.

The Griffin Hospital Preventive Medicine Residency Program remains committed to providing appropriate and adequate facility and infrastructure support in order to conduct activities of residency training. Furthermore, the PMR program shall adhere to the highest standards of scholarly environment and is committed to excellence in the education of trainees and the delivery of medical care. This includes providing an ethical and professional environment in which the educational curricular requirements, as well as the applicable requirements for scholarly activity can be met. The assessment of quality of the educational programs provided at Griffin Hospital is an ongoing priority for the PMR.