medical resident with patient in clinical setting

4-year Combined Internal Medicine/Preventive Medicine Residency Program

The mission of the Department of Preventive Medicine and its Residency Programs is to provide an organized educational training program in general preventive medicine and public health science and internal medicine/preventive medicine; to train public health workforce and health professionals with skills and competencies required to engage in public health practice; and to train highly skilled physicians knowledgeable about all aspects of preventative medical practice both on an individual and population level.

Listed below is the program structure of the combined IM/PM Residency Program. Each school/work year is comprised of 13 rotation blocks, with each block about 4 weeks/1 month in length. One block (4 weeks) is vacation, taken in two 2-week blocks. During the academic/MPH year, residents take vacation blocks that coincide with vacation periods of the Yale School of Public Health.

Program Structure/Sample Schedule

Year 1: PGY-1 (Clinical Year)

July 1st-June 30th:

  • Internal Medicine Internship (12 rotation blocks of clinical rotations and 1 vacation block)
  • Continuity primary care throughout the academic year

Year 2: PGY-2 (Clinical Year)

July 1st-June 30th:

  • Approximately 8 blocks of inpatient medicine
  • 1 block of Geriatrics
  • 1 block of ambulatory medicine
  • 1 block of Internal Medicine electives
  • 1 block of Preventive Medicine practicum rotations
  • 1 block of vacation (taken in 2 week blocks)
  • Continuity primary care throughout the academic year

Year 3: PGY-3 (Academic Phase at the Yale School of Public Health) YSPH

July 1-August 31:

  • Master of Public Health (MPH) Summer Session

September 1-May 15:

  • Fall and Spring semesters of the MPH with MPH Practicum requirement typically completed at the New Haven Health Department

May 15-June 30:

  • Internal Medicine Inpatient rotations

Continuity primary care throughout the academic year

1 month of vacation that coincides with the YSPH vacation periods (taken in 2 week blocks)

Year 4: PGY-4 (PM Practicum Phase)

July 1st-June 30th:

  • Approximately 3.5 blocks of inpatient Internal Medicine
  • 1 block of other Internal Medicine rotations
  • 1 block vacation (taken in 2 week blocks)
  • 7.5 blocks of Preventive Medicine Practicum rotations
  • Continuity primary care throughout the academic year

How to Apply

The IM/PM Residency Program accepts three residents per year. Combined IM/PM residents match to the Residency Program through the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP). Applications are submitted through Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) , a service of the Association of American Medical Colleges. The NRMP No. for the program is 1977751C0. Applicants interested in Cancer Prevention should use this same NRMP no.

Preventive Medicine Practicum Rotations

  • Health Department – 2 rotation blocks
  • Population Health at Griffin Hospital– 3.5 blocks (Preventive Medicine residents) and 1.5 blocks (Internal Medicine/Preventive Medicine residents)
  • Occupational Medicine at the Yale School of Medicine – 1 rotation block
  • Accountable Care Organization at Griffin Hospital – 0.5 rotation block
  • Research rotations (e.g. at the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, Griffin Population Health, Yale School of Medicine, Yale Cancer Center, or CT Tumor Registry)
  • Addiction Medicine at the Yale School of Medicine or the UCONN Rushford Center
  • Lifestyle Medicine at the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine (VA Boston) and/or Center for Prevention and Lifestyle Management at Griffin Hospital
  • Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Medicine at SUNY Downstate (Brooklyn)/ The New York Institute for All Hazard Preparedness
  • Global Health with the Griffin Hospital Preventive Medicine Residency Program/Planetree Inc (Kenya)
  • Integrative Medicine at Stamford Hospital (Stamford, Connecticut)
  • Culinary Medicine at the Tulane University Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine (New Orleans, LA)

Note: Schedules may vary depending on Program requirements, MPH requirements, American Board of Internal Medicine/American Board of Preventive Medicine requirements, rotation availability as well as resident interest. The Program Director gives final approval of the schedule.