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Residency Program FAQs

What Residency Training Programs are offered at Griffin Hospital?

Griffin Hospital offers 4 residency training programs:

Program Program Length Positions Offered 2020-2021 NRMP No.
Categorical Internal Medicine 3-year program 6 1977140C0
Preliminary Internal Medicine 1-year program 5 1977140P0
Combined Internal Medicine/Preventive Medicine 4-year program 3 1977751C0
Categorical Preventive Medicine 3-year program 1 1977380C1
Advanced Preventive Medicine* 2-year program 1 N/A
Categorical Primary Care 3-year program 2 1977170M0

*requires at least 1 year of preliminary/transitional/categorical residency training

How do you choose who to interview?

We carefully consider the entire application of each candidate to determine those who will be invited for an interview. This includes the applicant’s letters of recommendation, medical school performance, extracurricular/volunteer experiences, scholarly activities, commitment to the specialty, and USMLE scores. Most of our applicants have USMLE Step I and Step II scores of 220 or higher. We prefer recent medical graduates (typically within the last 5 years). However, we have had residents in our program who began residency more than 5 years after graduating from medical school. For International Medical Graduates, US clinical experience is preferred.

Does the Residency Program sponsor visas?

Griffin Hospital sponsors J1 Training visas only.

What types of careers do the Residency Training Programs prepare residents for?

Categorical Internal Medicine: We recruit applicants who will have careers in primary care, academic internal medicine and its subspecialties. We actively promote careers in primary care given the shortage of primary care providers in the United States.

Combined Internal Medicine/Preventive Medicine: We recruit applicants who will have careers in primary care, academic internal medicine and preventive medicine and public health, as is the mandate of our Program’s grants and mission. Our focus is in training physicians with the mindset of public service and public health.

When are applications reviewed and notifications for interviews sent?

October 1st to October 15th applications are reviewed and interview invitations are sent on a rolling basis.

What is the deadline for submission of applications?

The deadline for application submission is December 31st.

Do you have clinical observership rotations available at your hospital?

Yes. Read more about our Clinical Observership Program.

Where do residents live?

Residents typically live in Shelton and other surrounding Valley towns (including Ansonia and Derby), downtown New Haven, and other nearby towns (Woodbridge, West Haven, Hamden, Milford and Orange). The Program does not provide housing for residents. The Graduate Medical Education office can provide information pertaining to available rentals in the area.

What are the most recent resident stipends/salaries?

2023-2024 resident salaries
PGY level Salary
PGY-1 $66,156
PGY-2 $68,606
PGY-3 $71,904
PGY-4 $75,420

When do residents rotate at Yale?

Senior residents (PGY-2, PGY-3, and PGY-4) rotate at Yale for electives beginning in 2nd year. Typically, this includes 1-2 rotations at the PGY-2 level and 1-2 rotations at the PGY-3 level for Internal Medicine Categorical Residents. For Internal Medicine/Preventive Medicine (IM/PM) Residents, PGY-2 and PGY-4 residents may be able to do 1-2 elective rotations at Yale. Additionally, during PGY3 in the IM/PM Program, residents have ample opportunity to interact with Yale faculty and be involved in research projects while pursuing their Master of Public Health (MPH) degree or taking additional courses for those who already have an MPH.

Do you offer out of match contracts?

All residency training programs (Internal Medicine Categorical, Internal Medicine Preliminary, Categorical Internal Medicine/Preventive Medicine, Categorical Preventive Medicine) go through the NRMP match except for the Advanced Preventive Medicine Track (begins in PGY-2 for those with at least a preliminary year or transitional year or previously completed a residency training program).

Is your program “IMG friendly”?

The program is very competitive and we try to recruit the best residents. We have both American and international graduates that we are very proud of.

What is Planetree?

Planetree is a consumer health care organization dedicated to humanizing health care which embraces the philosophy that we can best serve patients and the community by providing the latest in medical technology in a healing, nurturing environment. “Guided by a foundation in 10 components of patient centered care, Planetree informs policy at a national level, aligns strategies at a system level, guides implementation of care delivery practices at an organizational level, and facilitates compassionate human interactions at a deeply personal level. Our philosophical conviction that patient centered care is the “right thing to do” is supported by a structured process that enables sustainable change.” For more information, please visit planetree.org.

Where can I find a sample of the contract for applicants and a copy of the institutional policy regarding eligibility for appointment?

Here's a sample of a Resident Contract (PDF) for applicants and a current copy of the institutional policy regarding resident eligibility for appointment.