three medical residents in hospital setting

Preventive Medicine Lecture

Schedule: 2nd Friday of each month

The preventive medicine lecture addresses topics of general interest, such as disease-specific screening strategies, basic epidemiology and general preventive medicine, etc. Prominent researchers and educators are invited to give PM lectures.

Preventive Medicine Journal Club

Schedule: 3rd Wednesday of each month

The journal club one of the main teaching tools to learn evidence-based medicine. Each journal club, a resident discusses a recently published paper in presence of key faculty. All PGY2-4 residents are assigned journal club dates for which they prepare articles. The program provides study quality assessment forms. These forms are filled in by all residents.

Preventive Medicine Seminar

Schedule: 3rd Friday of each month

The seminar is a tool in peer teaching. PGY-3 and 4 residents choose a case from our case-pool and prepare presentations on these topics. Seminar discussions are based on case scenarios in Preventive Medicine/Public health. Residents are provided one case each month. Homework is required. The program attempts to invite outside experts to stimulate the discussion. This is also the venue to discuss practicum experiences, address housekeeping affairs, and discuss thesis progress.

Preventive Medicine Research Seminars

Schedule: 4th Friday of each month

The research conference is based on a research curriculum. It covers all topics from getting an idea to submitting a manuscript. Selected outside speaker are invited to provide additional expertise. Research seminars are conducted by Griffin faculty and residents are expected to talk about their research projects. The seminar is good for residents’ projects trouble shooting.

Preventive Medicine Board Review

Schedule: 1st Friday of each month

Major Focus Topic
Protocol development
  • Generate hypotheses
  • Searching literature
  • Selecting study design
  • Identify population and sample size Develop patient surveys
  • Determine outcomes, data collection and analysis
IRB approval
  • Write up research proposal
  • Designing consent forms
  • Schedule and defend proposal at IRB committee meeting
Apply for funding
  • Identify potential funding sources
  • Preparing Letters of intent
  • Develop budget
Conduct research
  • Recruit subjects/ advertising
  • Develop data collection instruments
  • Develop materials to inform subjects
  • Screen and enroll subjects
  • Developing relationship with subjects/ addressing side effects/improving compliance
Analyze outcomes
  • Enter data
  • Test for statistical significance
  • Basic SAS programming
  • Prepare graphs and tables
Write up findings
  • Abstract
  • Methods
  • Protocol
  • Data analysis
  • Results
  • Comments
  • Draw conclusions
  • References
Submit manuscript for publication and/or presentation
  • Selecting journal for submission
   Review process, answering reviewer's comments